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    The U.S. Border Adjustment Tax
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Potiential and Effectiveness

Evaluate the product’s potential and effectiveness of a marketing campaign to help businesses maximize their return on investments.

Consumer preferences

Understand consumers’ changing preferences to meet their needs and increase their loyalty.

Brand engagement

Track brand engagement throughout the customer experience to gain market share and profitability.

Vietnam's economy in Q2/2017- A surge in the economic growth

We are very happy to introduce to you our “Vietnam Macroeconomic Report – Q2/2017”, which belongs to our series of monthly market research publications for Vietnam.

[Infographic] Vietnam Coffee Industry Overview

Vietnam is the world's second in coffee exports. Here is our latest fact sheet with an overview of this impressive industry.

New U.S. tax plan seen impacting Vietnam exports

Vietnam’s exports to the United States might be impacted at least in the short term if America implements its border adjustment tax (BAT) as part of President Donald Trump’s plan to revise tax

Vietnam Monthly Macroeconomic Report - August 2017

Publication : 2017-08-15
“Vietnam Macroeconomic Report - August 2017” provides a recap of Vietnam's economy in July 2017 and forecasts of economic indicators for 2017. You can download without registration! (Please go to


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