Questionnaire Design and Evaluation

Design and development of survey instruments and/or concepts and scenarios are core activities in all areas of MarketIntello's research. Testing and refining instruments prior to implementation not only minimizes measurement error but also help to control costs, minimize respondent burden and maintain project schedules. Our researchers have expertise in a wide variety of instrument development methodologies, including interviews conducted using laptop computers, event history calendars, time and activities diaries, and self-administered paper questionnaires.


Data Collection and Management

We have a long history of providing our clients in Vietnam with a full range of survey data collection services from one-on-one personal interviewing to cutting-edge, computer-assisted and tablet-based survey methodologies. Using a wide range of data collection tools and systems, our researchers and technicians gather and process information for international donors, government agencies, and corporate firms. We use both standard and state-of-the-art instruments and apply them to meet the unique requirements of every client. Our data collection activities and expertise include the following:

  • Field survey and face-to-face interviews: Using a vast, geographically distributed national network of interviewers for field work;
  • Telephone surveys: conducting telephone interviews for budget projects;
  • Mail surveys: Conducting custom mail surveys for diverse populations;
  • Computer assisted interviews: Using and tailoring cutting-edge software to facilitate survey interviews;
  • Mixed-mode data collection: Mixing and balancing different methods of collecting data to improve response rates and cost effectiveness for special populations or projects;
  • Focus group discussion: Assembling selected groups of individuals to provide in-depth knowledge and data and information evaluation;
  • Sensitive topics and behavior: Conducting research on sensitive subject matter such as drug abuse, sexual behaviour and abortion;
  • Tracing operation: Customizing and conducting follow-up surveys by tracing hard-to-find interviewees over time.

Proper data management during data collection, processing, and complilation into analytical data sets is essential to the success of any research project. At MarketIntello, data are reviewed early during the data collection period to verify that no anomalies exist. At the end of data collection, survey data are examined for inconsistencies; variables are recoded and labeled and documentation is created.



Quality Control

At MarketIntello, quality control plans and procedures are developed for individual studies across the different stages of the survey process. These include the verification of sampling procedures, systematic review of instruments during their construction using the questionnaire appraisal system, pretesting of instruments, examination of data after the start of data collection, supervision and monitoring of interviewers, consistent implementation of training protocols, interview verification, and the use of computer-assisted recorded interviewing (CARI).



Beside data collection and management, we has a strong team of statistical experts capable of a wide range of statistical softwares such as SPSS, STATA, Dashboard, Scorecards and R. Their tasks include extracting and formatting data, producing documentation and reports, creating databases, writing queries, coordinating data files with external sources, suppressing identifiers, creating public use files, and performing statistical analyses that are essential for the success of survey data collection and dissemination.  


Human Research Protection and Disclosure

We are committed to the protection of all human subjects participating in our research studies. At minimum, all subjects must be given proper informed consent before they participate in any study, and they must be assured of the confidentiality of the information they provide. Studies that involve vulnerable populations or collect sensitive information must include additional protections.

Extensive care is taken to protect respondent confidentiality when releasing survey data. Survey data is processed to remove identifying information. When identifying information is transferred to a client, additional measures are followed, such as the separation of identifying information from survey data, encryption, and password protection.


Survey Technologies

As an industry leader in survey research, we undertake scientific surveys of varying size among a wide range of populations while controlling cost and ensuring data quality. Our survey-related services include mobile, web, telephone, in-person and mail surveys, subject tracing, and focus groups.



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