Consumer preferences

customer preference

Business problem

Understanding consumers’ changing preferences is a big challenge for businesses as they try to find ways to develop products and marketing campaigns tailored to the taste of their customers. The majority of businesses who lose revenue, resulting in a loss of market share, do so mainly because they could not keep up with the mercuriality of their customers’ liking.

Our approach

We always work closely with our clients from the beginning to identify and focus on their target customer segment in order to save costs and still get desirable results. We always advise our clients to choose the most appropriate surveying and analysis methods for each consumer group to achieve these goals. At the same time, we help our clients develop appropriate metrics for each type of products and each customer segment for periodic review as input for their product development and marketing strategies.

Our solution

Customer Journey Mapping is an analytical framework we have developed to help businesses understand their customers' tastes from initial contacts with the products until the formation of a long term relationship.

 customer profile

Using intelligent surveying methods, we give our clients a comprehensive picture of their customers. This is essential in defining the differences of their products for each target customer segment.



 customer journey

We help businesses rebuild the shopping process of different customer groups to determine who the buyers are, what, when, how they buy products and why they make their decisions at each step, thereby helping our clients to devise measures to improve each customer touch point.



customer satisfaction

To quickly react to customers’ changing tastes, businesses need to update their understanding of customer expectations and evaluate their ability to meet those expectations with their products. By adopting a systematic and customized approach to each of our clients’ business strategies, we help them measure and evaluate customer expectation and satisfaction with the highest degree of accuracy.



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