Money dynamics

 money dynamics

Business problem

Companies, especially banks and financial institutions, need to continuously update and analyze economic information in general and about financial markets in particular in order to make quick and profitable investment decisions. However, not every enterprise has the full capability with expertise in macroeconomics and the dynamics of finance in various industries and economic sectors to provide reliable advices for such decisions.

Our approach

With a highly experienced team of experts and analysts, we provide our clients with a deeper and more comprehensive insight about the state of the economy as well as the status of the financial and banking sector. We also combine using modern statistical models along with expert methods to make highly accurate predictions of macroeconomic indicators, exchange rates, interests and their driving factors.

Our solution

Money Dynamics Intelligence is a service that helps our clients keep a close watch of and analyze the money movements in the economy. The main elements of this package include:


With DataTalk, we provide our clients with economic data in the form of regular newsletters (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) according to the unique requirement of each client. Data series are updated and systematically arranged to help users analyze and make their own business decisions.



predictive analysis

Our modern forecasting methods offer the best estimates of cross-variate effects and simulation of possible scenarios. With access to reliable sources of policy information, we identify the most likely scenarios and provide realistic and highly accurate analysis and forecasts to our clients.



investment advisory

We provide advisory services on the impact of money movements in the economy on the client’s business operation. This subsequently helps develop appropriate investment strategies based on the client’s resources and power.



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