Potiential and Effectiveness


Business problem

The cost of implementing a project, whether it is putting a new product on the market or running a marketing campaign, is usually enormous. Therefore, it is extremely important for businesses to determine the potentials and effectiveness of their projects in each phase for timely adjustments. This should be implemented periodically so that the projects can achieve the expected results.

Our approach

Our approach is a combination of a pre-launch and post-launch evaluation framework, using practical experiences and experimental models. With many years working on customer behavior simulation models, we help our clients find the optimal set of product features and pricing strategies for the best business results.

Our solution

Experience-and-Experiment is an analytical framework that simulates the experience and response of customers to a new product before and after its market launch. This analysis framework is also applicable to marketing programs and internal governance projects.

 product potential

With the Discrete Choice Experiment Model, we help businesses:

  • Estimate the Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) of each customer segment
  • Estimate the market share of each brand and simulate market share changes when there are changes in product characteristics
  • Determine the price elasticity of the market share
  • Forecast market demand for new products


 marketing effectiveness

Our indicators measure (i) customer exposure to a marketing campaign, (ii) attitudes and reactions of customer groups, (iii) and the influence of the marketing campaign on consumers’ product selection behavior



quality control

We act as a “fastidious customer” engaging in the buying process with different “scenarios” and various levels of “obstacles” in order to test the whole product/service process. We then help companies find and deliver improvements for each specific step in the process while optimizing their investment options.


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